Register your company in the center of Amsterdam

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The Netherlands and especially Amsterdam is well known for its proper business climate and stable government. Many companies are located in the Netherlands due to this business climate, stability and their advantageous tax regime. Register your company in the center of Amsterdam and take advantage of all the benefits Amsterdam has to offer you.

Address in Amsterdam

Having your company located in the center of Amsterdam may help your company doing business with partners around the world. Many countries are relying on the Netherlands because of their stable economy and proper business climate.

Administration and tax

We have a collaboration with Company Administration Netherlands B.V. and they provide the administration, tax returns and the financial statement in combination with the registration of your company in Amsterdam.

Setting up company and bank

If your company is not founded yet, or you just want to start a new company in the Netherlands, we can help you with setting up a company and a bank account. We have a good collaboration with the notary and we highly recommend Bunq as the bank to use.

Private wealth

The Netherlands is well known as one of the most stable and safest countries in the world. Bringing your private wealth to the Netherlands will ensure you that your wealth is safe and we will provide you with support to do that.


Address registration

Having an address in the Netherlands.

  1. Digitalise your mail
  2. Forwarding the way you want
  3. Customer support

€250 per month

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Company setup

Setup you company in the Netherlands.

  1. Registration with an official notary
  2. A VAT number
  3. A Chamber of Commerce number
  4. We will be your power of attorney

€800 fixed fee

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Business administration

Let us handle your dutch taxes.

  1. Corporate tax return
  2. VAT tax return
  3. Annual report

€250 per month

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Our clients

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You can focus on you business. We will take care of the rest. Please email us on and let us know where we can help u with.